Your collection at your fingertips

A fully integrated and comprehensive platform to manage your collection.
A flexible system built to meet all the needs of every art collection (from fine art to collectibles, with a special program for libraries.
Keep a perfect record of your whole collection and manage easily everything from acquisitions, loan agreements, certificates, condition reports, storage and movements, exhibitions, invoices, purchase orders, reporting research, contacts, and much more.
Multilanguage, multicurrency, multi companies.
No software to install. Based online, no need to install the software.
Online access from any device, available anywhere in the world. User friendly, intuitive, simple, safe, and secure.

Inventory management

Catalog your full art inventory, from fine art to editions to collectibles, and keep track of all the necessary information.
Store an unlimited number of artworks with images and complete details, including provenance, literature, storage location, shipping information, condition and appraisal reports, but also financial information including details of acquisition/purchases, ownership history, sales.
Manage artworks that are loaned out, including duration, consignment agreement, and any other related information.
Generate automatically a variety of editable documents, reports, and labels.
Quickly find any artwork in your collection using detailed searching or browsing by category.
List all locations you deal with (galleries, studios, storage places) and track where your artworks are.
Easily group together several works into “Groups” for creating checklists, packing lists, processing transactions, and more.


Keep track of all the economical movements/transactions related to your collection. Full financial tracking and reporting, including sales taxes, VAT, etc.
Archive of invoices. Balances due and paid.
Multi-currency options.
Generate comprehensive reports from a wide list of options, including annual report, debits and credits, etc.
Gain insights into the full value of your inventory and other statistics.
Track partner ownership and cost/profit distribution.


Easily manage all your business and personal contacts. Store unlimited information about your suppliers, gallerists, advisors, and much more.
Each record includes relevant info, address, phone number, multiple emails, bank details, profile, but also documents, conversations, communications, notes and images.
Find contacts by categories or detailed searching.
Add your favorite events to your personal agenda.

Website integration

Publish your collections online and create a beautifully software-integrated website and exhibitions/catalogues.
Share your collection with others using the feature as a virtual viewing room.
Automatic synchronisation from software to website.


Generate, display online, and print several reports about your collections, labels, lists, and documents.
Customize and save spreadsheet report templates for re-use.


Organize your own real or virtual exhibitions of your collection.
Record and display dates, venues, works details, installation images, press releases, expenses and more.
Generate your own catalog with easily customizable reports to highlight your collection.

Safe & secure

Encrypted online connection. All data are protected and encrypted.
Highest level of secure servers. Data never compromised or lost.
Daily backups, software updates and service monitoring.

Multilanguage & multicurrency

Available in English and Italian.
Create and convert transactions in any foreign currency.
Update conversion rates online or define them manually.

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