Exhibitions & Museum loans
Present your collection to the public


As collections develop and increase in size, value, and complexity, showing it to the public can become a need for an art collector.

I offer expertise in the development of art exhibitions for private, corporate collections and institutions. I work to conceptualize content exhibitions specifically suited to my clients, to leverage new interpretations and reflections on their art collections. 
I will manage the entire process, researching and developing the exhibition concept, sourcing the right venue, overseeing marketing and sponsorship as well as the production of exhibition materials and catalogues, arranging logistics, planning and supervising installations and de-installations. 

For private collectors, lending artworks to museums or cultural institutions, other than being a common desire and a philanthropic opportunity, gives numerous advantages. 
Inclusion in a museum exhibition could bolster an artwork provenance, potentially increasing the work value and desirability through public exposure. 
Although art loans should be encouraged, collectors must carefully consider the cost-benefit ratio involved before parting with their assets. 
Thanks to my unique expertise and vast network I can facilitate and provide guidance when lending a work or a group of works to exhibitions nationally and internationally. I can recommend the best possible venue and negotiate and arrange loan contracts and conditions and ensure that my clients’ interests are secured.


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